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Insurance of skippers, crew members and passangers onboard

No matter if you are experienced skipper, novice at the helm or only crew member first time on board, you have to be aware of many different risks and dangers which even leasure cruise can bring. Heedless jibing, faulty or poor mooring, improper anchoring, sailing in bad weather... all this may result in unwanted damage on the boat or, even worse, unplanned crew member injury.
In case when incident however occurs, and to minimize its consequences, Yacht-Pool offers choice of eight insurance options (policies) which cover precisely the risks which skipper and crew may face on board the boat, whether it be power or sailing boat, in charter or for private use. Premium for the insurance mentioned therefore should not be considered as a cost, but as a wise investment in safer and more favourable navigation.

1. Liability insurance of skippers, crew members and passengers onboard
Skipper is main and responsible person on the boat, he operates the boat, defines navigational route and location for anchoring or mooring, regularly monitors weather forecast and uses his nautical skills in order to safely lead the boat and crew to destination. However, the skipper is only human which may incorrectly assess dangerous situation and unintentionally cause damage to the boat or injury to crew member or even to third parties. To thereby minimize the consequences to his financials there is Yacht-Pool Liability insurance of skippers, crew members and passengers.

Regarding the fact that skipper is responsible for the boat and crew with all his present and future assets, having this insurance policy he complements his insurance coverage which is possibly not specified within vessel's liablity insurance policy conditions. Covered are damages on persons and things according to conditions of skipper's liability insurance for sailing and motor boats in charter, and also coverage includes clamis of own crew against skipper and other similarities. Professionally speaking, subject of liabilty insurance is civil extrajudiciary liability of the insured for damage due to death, bodily injury or health and material damage or destruction of third party's things during the time when the insured was operating the vessel for navigation of which he/she was duly authorized.

The premium is calculated on the bases of insured value and type of vessel, hence motor or sailing boat, and starts from 88 Euro for sailing boat or from 135 Euro for motor boat. If the insurance is contracted for motor boat, automatically covered is insurance protection for sailing boats. Insured values range from 500.000 to 10.000.000 Euro, while period of insurance is one year from the policy effective date.

2. Insurance of legal defence costs
Regarding legal defence of skipper, crew members and passangers, it can be applied often mentioned catchword "Justice is more expensive than health". To be right is one thing, but to get confession from the other side that you are right - that is completely another thing. No one skipper can be sure that one day he will not have to prove justice, which may be very expensive, especially in disputes abroad where lawyer's costs usually should be paid in advance. Therefore, it is wise to have legal defence costs covered, just in case.

Insured are skipper and crew members as authorized users of a boat not in their possession. Provided is also legal protection for effectuation of reimbursement (for realization of claims on the basis of liability rights), legal protection for defence in criminal litigations concerning boat accident or violation of criminal legislation in relation with navigation), legal protection in the seizure of navigation license, just as extended coverage for reimbursement of costs for legal appeal to the Adiministrative or Constitutional Court. Premium is free of charge as it is included in the premium of liability insurance, while separately it costs 22 euro and covers amounts up to 200.000 euro.

3. Personal accident insurance - insurance from consequences of accident
This type of insurance covers accidents of insured (skipper, crew members and passangers) while operating the boat, regardless of who caused the accident (own or someone else's guilt). Most often it is about injuries, and covered are also risks of salvation expenses, corpse transport costs to the fatherland in case of death or injuries resulting from accident at sea abroad. It is important to note that rescuing expenses in case of accident at sea may be very high, so it is reasonable to take care in advance, while skipper and crew are still on land.

Insured values may vary from 155.000 to 770.000 euro in case of permanent disability, salvation expenses are permanently covered up to 60.000 euro, as well as insured value in case of death up to 77.000 euro. Premium depends on the amount of insured value for this coverage and starts from 40 euro. It should be emphasized that insurance coverage is not valid only for one certain navigation, e.g. charter week, but it is valid for one whole year no matter how often skipper operates another's boat.

Personal accident insurance skipper can contract for himself personally or for himself and whole crew, and it is important for its coverage of expenses no matter who the offender is, in case of disability and/or death. It is wise to have it since liability insurance is not valid if it is not about guilt or if injured is family member, but also because accidents may cost a fortune unless skipper and crew may refer to someone else's responsibility. The insurance peculiarity is that it is tailor made to suite specific needs of the charter crew, so for example, skipper's accident insurance is valid also in case when accident did not occur, but the skipper is in danger at sea and has to conduct salvation expenses of which may easily unpredictably accumulate.

4. Guarantee and deposit insurance in case of temporary seizure of the boat
To every skipper seizure of the boat is like a worst nightmare, and it becomes more and more serious problem, particularly in Mediterranean countries. Namely, in case of accident at sea, regarding actual claims but often also possible future claims, which may be set by accident participants on the basis of skipper's liability, it could happen that authorities seize the boat until the claim is resolved, and it may last for some time. However, especially in case of accidents with persons injured, authorities may apply criminal-law actions. In such a case, for example, bailment may obtain temporary exemption from prosecution.

Skpper is insured in a way that possible amounts, which insured has to bail to be temporarily exempted from prosecution, have to be paid in advance (criminal bail). Insured value is limited to 50.000 up to a maximum of 200.000 euro, and premium starts with 20 euro. Prerequisite for this type of insurance is contract of skipper's liability insurance.

5. Insurance of consequential damages
Some charter contracts include finely written regulations which define skipper and crew as responsible for loss of income from charter boat that was involved in accident, and therefore caused damage has to be repaired for which time boat can not be chartered. In other words, if the boat is being repaird for several weeks, profit loss for the boat owner needs to be reimbursed by skipper and crew participating in the accident. This insurance helps skipper to eliminate such possibility and unforseen expenses up to the insured value of 15.000 euro per one damage/loss event, but higher amount may be negotiated. Premium depends on boat length and type: for sailing boat up to 33 feet it amounts 85 euro, while for power boats of same length it totals 110 euro (but including also sailing boats).

6. Insurance of expenses arising from cancellation of charter and return travel expenses
Each planned trip does not always have to be realized, so, for example, if the skipper is prevented at the last moment, the whole long-awaited sailing venture may go down the drain. Thus inevitably incur expenses, and there is no expected equivalent value both for the skipper and crew, but also for the charter company. In order that result of scheduled charter week would not be loss of money and time for charter company, there is particular insurance from charter cancellation.

Within insurance conditions insurer provides protection if as a result appears inability of insured for the venture or if it happens that he would be unable to finish it. For example it can occur in case of death, severe accident or unexpectedly serious illnes of insured, his/her spouse, close family member, vaccine allergy, damage to property as a result of fire, natural disasters or similar situations. This insurance is particularly customized according to the needs of charter business, as to the conditions insurance from charter cancellation is applied if the skipper is not able to start charter cruise, so unexpected expenses for skipper and crew are being taken over.

Also, if the skipper is absent on board, and within a reasonable time it can not be found adequate substitute and venture has to be temporarily cancelled, expenses of unused part of charter are reimbursed, if in the meantime it is not possible to conclude another charter contrac. Insured value per one damage/loss event varies from 1000 to 10.000 euro, with deductible policy excess of 20% of the amount, while the minimum premium amounts 45 euro.

7. Insurance of personal luggage
Skipper and crew members sometimes bring on board personal items of great value (for example their own GPS receiver, binoculars, automatic life vests, photo and video cameras, diving equipment, etc.). Big risk of losing these things, for example due to the theft or falling overboard, may cause considerable damage, however, by insuring personal luggage it is at least possible to financially compensate loss of them. Insured person is specified in the offer, so every crew member must arrange their own insurance. Insured value can be arranged per person per one adverse event in the amount from 500 to 1500 euro, per one adverse event in the amount from 2500 to 7500 euro, as well as per highest insured value in period of insurance from 5000 to 15.000 euro.

8. Insurance of loss of deposit of the vessel renter (skipper, crew members and passangers)
Before setting sails from charter base, skipper or one of crew members usually pays security deposit by credit card at a charter company's office, and by doing this he may contract the insurance for the relatively favorable amount of premium it can be collected money from whole crew. Also, some persons do not want to leave blank slips at the charter company, so this method of solving sometimes knotty problem is useful. Insured amount per one damage/loss event may vary from 500 to 3000 euro, while premium starts with 61 euro and at the same time with deductible limit from 50 euro.

9. NautAssistance
In case of any accident or emergency situation on board during the cruise, at a position distant from town or larger settlement, 24-hour service for help at sea NautAssistance will facilitate and cheapen problem solution, and can also save someone's life. Quite often there are situations on board such as stranding, collision, injury or illness of crew member, engine failure, fuel shortage, need of urgent cruise abandoning with fastest transport to the coast, food or drink shortage, need for nautical information or advice... In all the mentioned and other similar situations Skipper NautAssistance insurance policy guarantees that professionals will provide help on the spot to the sailors in trouble, as well as partially or completely cover the costs incurred, depending on the type of assistance insurance package contracted. NautAssistance is, therefore, emergency service of watchkeeping, assistance and help at sea for sailors - NautAssistance club members, but also for other participants in maritime traffic. It covers services of providing nautical information and advice, psychological support, alert and organization of medical and techincal help; alert and organization of people and property rescuing after accident at sea or boat failure; alert and organization of people transport and item delivery; organization of temporary lodging, boat accompaniment and phisycal protection; alert and organization of boat refloating or wreck removal and towing; guiding through the process of application, assessment and reimbursement of damage costs; providing legal advice and recommendation for repair in certified boat and equipment service workshops.

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